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Start of a new company
Local Gate Services is a company located in Southern California. It was originally a company started with a view to tackling all the problems that so many people experience in the course of using their gates and garage doors. As envisaged by the company pioneers it became a leading name any time you mention Gate Repair Service and Garage Door Repair Service as well as Opener, Keypad, Access Control and Motor replacement. In other words, the company was well known for excellence in the mentioned area.

Growth of the company
It was the desire to do more for the people by offering them quality and affordable service that prompted the management to venture into other fields of work like gate and door installation as well as repairs and maintenance. With the same diligent commitment to providing the best quality service delivery to the people, it was not long before excellence was also achieved in these other areas pertaining to security of lives and properties. It is this commitment policy which puts clients first that earns point for us when you come to the open market.

Duties to the society
As the crime in a place increases the security of such a place will also increase in order to combat the growing menace. This is where Local Gate Services does a lot of work to the people living in our community and its surrounding cities by ensuring that they have genuine and effective Gate and/or Garage Doors as well as high quality access control and openers being used profusely to guard and protect lives and properties of the people. As a company committed to this cause we go all the way providing satisfactory services to the people which gives our society peace and relaxation of the mind.

Our team of technicians
The success of an organization is to a large extent dependent on the personnel of the said organisation. This is the case with Local Gate Services which has a team of highly skilled and disciplined technicians and an organised personnel that knows what to and when to do it. The friendly relationship among personnel and that between personnel and clients has in no small way contributed to the success of the company.

The management
We have a an excellent management team that ensures that excellence is attained in all the different endeavours of the company. It is their mode of coordination of personnel and its activities that makes us what we are today. You can contact the management for more inquiries and consultations anytime of the day through the phone number; 3237010401

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Our Services

Local Gate Repair Services was established with the intent of rendering a quality and affordable service to all with an emphasis on the the security of lives and properties. This is evident from the policy and commitment of the company in dispatching their duties to the society where it finds itself. This has made Local Gate Repair Services a household name in many areas that border on securing the safety of animate and inanimate objects. It is therefore a good opportunity to associate with us in carrying out any of the following tasks and works which we actively undertake.

Gate installation and repair services
Gate installation, repair and maintenance services, among others, is another field of work taken up by Local Gate Repair Services. Gate installation and repair is also aligned with Access Control, Keypad and Openers, Motors, Welding Work and Custom Work services which are all geared towards greater security of the environment. We offer services that leave you satisfied and rest assured that any time any day your works are always in good hands. We also offer you advices and suggestions on the type and quality of gate you can buy for your buildings.

Garage doors installation and maintenance
Just like the gate services we have technicians who are highly skilled and well equipped with sophisticated tools for the installation, repair and maintenance of your garage doors. We give a type of maintenance and repair that is wholesome without leaving out the springs and hydraulics of your garage doors. We offer Spring Repair and Sensors Replacement, Track Alignment, Cable Replacement, Access Control, Keypad and Openers, Motors, Welding Work and Custom Work services

Contact us for any of these services and you will be giving your works a kind of face-lift that pervade your buildings. Our services are easily accessible because we are always available, at your beck and call, while also working at a price that is unbeatable in the whole vicinity.

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